The faces behind TheValueChain

Meet our team

Experienced team

Over half of the TheValueChain’s employees have more than 10 years’ project and consultancy experience in business process optimization and SAP. Many of them had worked together for years long before TheValueChain started up. The team has accumulated excellent references long before it became TheValueChain, and is still doing so today.

Romein van Straaten

Managing Partner TheValueChain Switzerland

Romein van Straaten has been at the head of TheValueChain Switzerland since 1 January 2017. For the last 10 years he has led a team of SAP professionals. With his company Implementis and as an SAP Gold Partner, he was responsible for implementing the first SAP HANA platforms in Switzerland. Prior to that, he worked for the other side, holding management functions in various industrial firms.

As an SAP partner TheValueChain helps companies improve and transform processes. “Expertise in the industry and insight into what drives decision-makers are therefore crucial”, says Romein. “We make that a focus point. I used to be a plant manager with the textile producer Iril. At Baumgartner and INAPA I was responsible for the successful implementation of two ERP systems in my role as purchasing and logistics director. Other experts in our company also have 10 years or more of experience as CFO, COO or CIO.”

“TheValueChain aims to help clients get as much business value as possible from their SAP investment. We go flat out for a pragmatic and highly reactive approach. Innovation is vital for ensuring future success. That’s why TheValueChain is continuously investing in knowledge about innovative technology. That’s the spirit. Welcome to TheValueChain Switzerland!”