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We make your business ready for the networked economy

Are you ready for the networked economy?

The networked economy has drastically changed the way business is done. Sometimes the complexity prevents businesses from adapting effectively. SAP focuses on innovation as well as on the simplification of processes, infrastructures and integration with business ecosystems. As an SAP partner, TheValueChain puts innovation and simplification into practice with:


Thanks to years of intensive collaboration with clients, TheValueChain has built up valuable experience in various different sectors. We use our specific knowledge to help you exploit and modernise your SAP environment, and quickly and pragmatically implement SAP S/4HANA Business All-in-One, SAP Business One or SAP Business ByDesign.



OBJECTIVE: Radically simplify the business core and unite it with the limitless potential of Big Data, the Internet of Things, and business networks.

  • Offer pay-for-performance solutions to your customers
  • Combine discrete and process manufacturing processes
  • Provide predictive maintenance and service
  • Add digital capabilities to improve operational performance and competitive differentiation
  • Move from make-to-stock to engineer-to-order
  • Equip industrial operations with sensor and communication technologies, integrated with SAP
  • Enable real-time, responsive supply chains and global visibility
  • Guarantee rapid access to accurate data
  • Enable product development with a full PLM suite of applications
  • Get highly integrated business function support for lab, R&D and quality, leveraging in-memory technology and customer collaboration through Cloud4Customer

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OBJECTIVE: Automate core business processes. Become agile and proactive. Create new and consistent customer experiences across all channels that will differentiate you from the competition. Drive real-time insight.

  • Become an information-centric company
  • Manage vast product assortments, and optimize sales and purchasing price determination
  • Deploy value-adding services that create new revenue sources
  • Organize for e-commerce and real-time distribution
  • Transform marketing with detail-driven customer engagement and segmentation
  • React to trends in real time based on predictive analytics
  • Facilitate supplier collaboration to enable touchless, automated processing
  • Use Extended Warehouse Management capabilities or integrate with 3rd party WMS solutions

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OBJECTIVE: Digitize to grow profits, reduce costs and provide better and more profitable client service while simplifying operations.

  • Apply digital technologies to automate and embed intellectual property in service delivery
  • Productize services to deliver outcome-related, repeatable offerings
  • Source expertise in an open talent economy while finely aligning supply (incl. external talent) to meet customer demand
  • Focus on outcome-based engagements by delivering knowledge as a service
  • Optimize workforce management by improving efficiency with increased utilization of internal resources
  • Manage internal and commercial projects end-to-end working together with product development & engineering

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OBJECTIVE: Keep projects in budget, reduce facility management cost, get full insight into property portfolio, make organization more customer-focused, make better investment decisions.

  • Real time visibility and search for real estate call centres, leveraging in-memory technology
  • Real time management dashboards on revenue and property portfolio
  • Mobile support for sales representatives including visit scheduling, property reservation
  • Publication to real-estate websites, including management of property pictures
  • Mobile support for janitor processes, routing of maintenance notifications, repair quotes and billing
  • Accounting support for co-propriety associations
  • Seamless integration with property survey applications

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Numerous improvement projects and ERP implementations have given TheValueChain unique insights into best practices and process simplification. We have packaged the most valuable of these into pre-configured functionality – always on the basis of standard SAP.

Your advantage

  • Standard SAP
  • On the basis of pre-configured business processes
  • Fast implementation
  • Clearly documented


Capture as a Service

Cloud-based scanning of documents and automatic recognition of content (OCR)
Paperless and in conformity with legislation
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Add-on for multi-dimensional scaling, self-billing and electronic exchange of data and documents with business partners
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The fastest way to cash flow

Dispute management
+ workflow management
+ mobile functionality
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Predefined set of scanning applications

From inbound & outbound logistics to material staging, production order confirmation and packaging activities
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The weakest link determines the strength of the chain. This also applies to your value chain and your SAP platform: if you strengthen the weakest links, you improve the performance of your business as a whole.

TheValueChain helps you evaluate your SAP implementation and find areas for improvement in your value chain. We optimise your SAP set-up on the basis of technical expertise and functional insight into business processes such as:

FinanceBenefit from the universal journal to simulate closing and provide real-time financial KPIs
Human resourcesConnect to SuccessFactors, or use on-premise HR functionality to support your business processes
Sourcing and procurementProcure-to-pay re-invented, self-service, supplier evaluation, integrated with Ariba
Supply chainReal-time MRP, extended warehouse management, supply chain monitoring, detailed production planning and scheduling
ManufacturingConstraint-based production planning, mobile shop floor applications and intelligent MRP
ProjectsProject planning and execution, portfolio and financial management; commercial project management and efficient customer billing
MarketingFrom business plan to marketing campaigns and follow-up actions
SalesLeads and opportunities with cloud-based CRM, global available-to-promise, enhanced order-to-cash, smart business cockpits for follow-up, Hybris for multichannel e-commerce
Service & maintenancePlan and maintain your enterprise assets and keep up with your entire installed base on-site or at your customers; multichannel ticket handling, service-to-cash, mobile apps to support service engineers
Product lifecycle managementManage the life cycle of a product and connect to external CAD software with SAP Engineering Control Center, or use the full PLM suite for product development and engineering changes
Research and developmentFrom idea to final product, version handling, stability study, recipe management
Real-time analyticsEmbedded, smart real-time analytics on operational data
Mobile processesUse SAPUI5 to develop custom Fiori applications or connect with HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) to your Internet of Things in the field


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