Ask anyone at TheValueChain why he or she likes working for the company and the answer will be: because of the great atmosphere and the professionalism.

It’s impossible to define ‘a great atmosphere’. You can’t Google it. Ask someone what they mean, and you get the usual responses. We have a close team. Everyone is very open. There’s lots of personal contact.

But walk around for a day in TheValueChain offices and you will see it. You will understand what our consultants mean. They like working. They are proud of their company. Of their profession. They’ll happily tell you all about the family feel. And the family is growing fast – with offices in Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

If you have a good idea, you get to run with it. If you’re a little crazy, that’s okay. Want to be yourself? You better. “Trust is what we believe in”, says managing partner Romein.

They’re a colourful bunch, the consultants of TheValueChain. As is normal in any healthy business. A mix of specialists and generalists, techies and lateral thinkers, out-and-out experts and sharp sales staff, newbies and veterans.

What do they share? Their drive. They are professional without being rigid. Independent yet sociable.

Lifelong learning is one of the cornerstones of TheValueChain. With the Solution Evenings where the consultants refine their expertise. Or the workgroups on the latest technologies. Or the coaching sessions on this, that and everything, from LinkedIn to leadership.

You can let your hair down every now and again. Correction, you must. Grab a pint on a Friday evening. Colleagues you like hanging out with in your spare time are a rare commodity. But not at TheValueChain.

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“If you are looking for great colleagues, a cooperative working atmosphere, an open management culture and personal growth opportunities, then TheValueChain is a perfect place for you!”


Consultant, TheValueChain