TheValueChain launches in the Netherlands

Michel Martens, TheValueChain NederlandUtrecht, 3 October 2016 – SAP specialist TheValueChain opens an office in the Netherlands. TheValueChain employs more than 150 consultants in the Benelux. The new Dutch office is situated in Utrecht and will be managed by Michel Martens.

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TheValueChain helps clients be competitive in the digital economy through SAP technology. TheValueChain innovates and simplifies processes at client sites while respecting the strengths of existing systems. With over 150 consultants, TheValueChain has top SAP expertise in a wide range of sectors.

Sparring partner of business and IT

TheValueChain presents itself in the Netherlands as a sparring partner of business and IT. ‘We want to inspire the decision makers in both IT and the business, and surprise them with our view on the current IT-world,’ says Michel Martens. ‘We have a clear vision and want to implement it together with the client to get the maximum out of the systems. We are here to stay.’

Dedicated to service

TheValueChain wants to make the difference in the Netherlands by resolutely starting from the needs of the client. ‘We are great believers in the outside-in approach – listening to the client and creating the best solution. In addition, we want to offer clients the best possible service. The Service Desk of TheValueChain is SAP certified as a Partner Centre of Excellence (PCoE),’ says Michel Martens.


TheValueChain Nederland is part of the Gumption entrepreneur platform. In Belgium and Luxembourg, Gumption has guided fourteen start-ups to maturity in four years’ time. In 2015, the group posted a consolidated turnover of twenty million euros. Earlier this year, Gumption launched its accelerator platform in the Netherlands.

After digital agency Hifluence, TheValueChain Nederland is the second company on the entrepreneur platform in the Netherlands. Gumption invests directly in member companies by providing them financial, strategic and operational support. This enables members to focus on what really matters: their people, clients, services and solutions.

About Michel Martens

With sixteen years’ SAP experience, Michel Martens is no stranger in the Dutch IT world. Michel supervised teams of developers, consultants and project managers and he himself worked as an SAP consultant for years.

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