TheValueChain takes over utility specialist Tetrade Consulting

TheValueChain takes over Tetrade ConsultingPress release – Kontich, 23 June 2016 – TheValueChain has acquired Tetrade consulting in Auderghem. This means that the SAP Partner now has over 150 consultants. With their combined competencies, both companies wish to expand their market share in the utilities sector. In addition, TheValueChain will be strengthening its position in Wallonia.

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Over 150 employees

The new take-over puts TheValueChain well ahead of the target that it set itself at the turn of the year: to end 2017 with 150 employees. With the 45 SAP experts from Tetrade Consulting on board, it has reached that milestone a year and a half ahead of schedule.

Complementary in utilities

Tetrade Consulting has been devoting its energies for the last 16 years to SAP IS-U, SAP’s sector solution for water and energy companies. Utilities are also important to TheValueChain: the utilities team generates 30% of its turnover.

“Utility companies are upgrading their business models and processes,” says Dieter Oversteyns, Managing Partner at TheValueChain. “SAP IS-U remains important for them, but in addition, they need expertise in innovative technology such as the cloud, in-memory computing and mobile solutions. The rapid evolution of SAP faces niche players like Tetrade with an enormous challenge. Digital transformation is a key area for TheValueChain. By combining our know-how and skills, we aim to continue growing our joint market share.”

SAP IS-U remains important for utility companies, but in addition, they need expertise in innovative technology.

Beneficial for customers and employees

The managing directors of Tetrade Consulting, Xavier Lemaire and Laurent Valentin are remaining with the company. “TheValueChain and Tetrade share the same values”, Lemaire and Valentin emphasise. “The complementarity offers our customers the best guarantee of top-notch services and long-term collaboration. Economies of scale and the expanded client portfolio create extra possibilities for the staff of both companies.”

Market position in Wallonia

The take-over fits into the strategic plan adopted by TheValueChain. “By opening an office in Louvain-La-Neuve in 2015, TheValueChain underscored its focus on French-speaking Belgium”, says Ivan Leysen, Managing Partner at TheValueChain. “Tetrade has mainly developed its customer base in Brussels and the south of Belgium. Thanks to the merger, we are strengthening our market position significantly.”

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