How to adapt and extend SAP Cloud for Customer in a flexible way

C4C SAP Cloud for CustomerAs a SAP CRM on-premise user, you are used to the unlimited flexibility of SAP solutions: you can adapt and extend almost anything, thanks to a wide array of development tools and direct access to the application code. Since its move into SaaS, however, SAP has become more protective. By limiting the options to deviate from the standard, it wants to keep control, and deliver enhancements and innovation on a regular basis and in a smooth way.

How can you still adapt SAP C4C to meet specific business requirements?

At the next TECH Commission, TheValueChain will share facts, insights and experiences that it has gained in the course of C4C implementations at customers such as Optima Global Estate, Miko and pgb-Europe.

The TECH Commission on February 16 is dedicated to SAP Cloud.

When: February 16, 2016
Where: SAP Offices
TheValueChain session: from 14:25 to 15:10