SAP Cloud for Customer: TheValueChain walks the talk

Cloud solutions TheValueChainTheValueChain fully engages for the cloud. It has implemented SAP Cloud for Customer for the Gumption group’s sales force, including TheValueChain in Belux and Switzerland. TheValueChain is not just implementing cloud solutions: it is embracing them in its everyday operations.

SAP Cloud for Sales

In 2014, the Gumption group went looking for a CRM solution for its affiliated companies in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. They compared several CRM solutions and finally opted for SAP Cloud for Sales as a part of the Cloud for Customer portfolio. The group’s sales force is now equipped with a state of the art CRM solution that is fully integrated with PC, iPad and other mobile devices, as well as Outlook and other office applications.

Integrated with SAP Business One

Leads and opportunities are created via mobile devices, laptops or in Outlook, and integrated in the pipeline reporting that reflects the actual situation in real time. Cloud for Customer has a Facebook-like approach. Feeds and posts keep you up-to-date of your colleagues’ activities, including the creation of new prospects and other sales activities, across countries and companies. An interface with Gumption’s SAP Business One platform ensures that customer information is up-to-date. Cloud for Customer can be integrated with any ERP on premise system – fully via the SAP HANA Cloud Integrator, or by simple file transfer.

Next step: marketing

Cloud for Customer offers a lot more than just sales related functionality: it also enables you to manage, among other things, marketing, customer service and integration with social media. Marketing is an area that Gumption will look at in the near future.

SAP Cloud for Customer: start small, think big

Gumption strongly believes that small is the new big. The best business ideas often come from business start-ups and early-stagers. Cloud for Customer now adds a new connotation to this vision: every quarter, SAP releases new functionality on the Cloud for Customer platform, allowing Gumption to start small and think big. Cloud for Customer lets you start small with a clear focus, and the flexibility to extend without technical drawbacks.

Integration between cloud and on premise

Several customers of TheValueChain have already shown interest in SAP Cloud Solutions. Some even consider replacing their CRM on premise solution. SAP has proven to be a strong competitor against other CRM solutions in the cloud. No other vendor is currently capable of offering the same measure of integration between its cloud and on premise solutions.

Gumption group

The Gumption group is a co-creation initiative. It brings together and supports young consulting companies with different competences and smart solutions for technological and business challenges. One of its members is SAP Gold Partner TheValueChain, committed to SAP on premise and in the cloud. Other members include, among others, Vigor, Bmatix, Hifluence, Rank1 and Mobilu.