New brochure: Cost-effective transport management with ACE XpEDIt

ACE XPEDITTheValueChain presents a brochure about cost-effective transport management with the ACE XpEDIt solution. Transport logistics has developed in recent years into a major business component. Globalization and rising energy costs will make it even more important. An increasing number of companies are using software for transport management, helping them to make optimum use of the resources available, improve service levels and cut costs.

Multi-dimensional scaling, self-billing and EDI

SAP ECC provides a lot of basic functionality as standard. With ACE XpEDIt, TheValueChain offers you an add-on with additional functions for multi-dimensional scaling, self-billing and electronic exchange of data and documents with your business partners. With minimal investment, you can increase and accelerate the profitability of your transport management and your SAP ECC environment.

ACE XpEDIt is aimed at companies that organize their transport with their own fleet, and companies that plan their own transport, and have those plans carried out by logistics service providers. The target group of ACE XpEDIt consists mainly of medium-sized manufacturing and distribution companies, or large organizations with independent sites and centralized transport management.

Read TheValueChain’s solution flyer ACE XpEDIt: cost-effective transport management.