New brochure: From process integration to process orchestration

Process orchestration with TheValueChainTheValueChain presents a new solution brochure: ‘From process integration to orchestration’. SAP Business Suite supports countless business processes as standard. And yet you often distinguish yourself from the competition by organising processes differently: for example, by setting up the interaction with your customers or partners in an innovative way, by allowing different applications to interact more effectively, or by exchanging documents electronically with customers and suppliers. With SAP NetWeaver® Process Orchestration that becomes simpler and more effective than with the predecessors eXchange Infrastructure (XI) and Process Integration (PI).

From SAP XI/PI to PO with TheValueChain

TheValueChain helps you to assess the transition to Process Orchestration properly, supports you during implementation and in customising your environment. The migration from SAP XI or PI to SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration is largely automatic. Nevertheless, the migration sometimes also involves some manual operations. TheValueChain helps you assess the effort required properly, supports you during implementation of the migration and in setting up SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration in line with your business objectives.

Read TheValueChain’s new solution flyer: ‘From process integration to orchestration’.