End-User Experience Monitoring with Solution Manager: case Ypto

At the SAPience.be TECH Commission on 26 September, TheValueChain will be on the podium again. SAP Solution Manager will be the commission’s key topic. Chris Grauls will showcase the new End-User Experience Management tooling that he has set up at Ypto (NMBS/SNCB).

SAP End-User Experience Monitoring (EEM) is an efficient toolbox for evaluating and reporting the availability and performance of your productive systems from an end user perspective. It is perfectly integrated into the E2E Diagnostics infrastructure. As a result, the discovery, analysis, and resolution of issues have speeded up dramatically. Problems can often be solved before employees or customers even have noticed them. EEM helps to reduce total cost of ownership.

Learn more? Welcome to our presentation on 26 September, 10:45 to 11:15.

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